DataRobot empowers capable business analytics professionals to easily build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models without writing a single line of code. Enterprises of all sizes can derive predictive insights in less time with the DataRobot Insights extension for Tableau.

Once a model has been built in DataRobot, with just a few mouse-clicks, Tableau analysts can slice, dice, maximize, and democratize the value of machine learning into actionable, intelligent dashboards. The results from DataRobot machine learning models provide deeper analysis and predictions for better decision-making.

With DataRobot extensions, Tableau users can experiment, simulate and compare different scenarios using governed DataRobot models to identify the best strategy or test ideas before committing resources. Now you can easily use AI to efficiently focus on the right data to analyze, get predictive insights with explanations in your dashboards, and run simulations to get actionable prescriptive guidance on what to do next. Visit the to get the DataRobot extension.

Customer Story

Florida International University increases graduation rates by 10% with predictive modeling in DataRobot + Tableau

365体育投注备用To better assist its at-risk students, FIU wanted to shift to a forward-looking view of its data. With constrained staffing resources, they needed a scalable, intuitive solution that staff could use. Tableau made analytics more accessible to departments that can intervene in student’s academics and support success, but pairing DataRobot’s predictive analytics would help FIU uncover and avoid obstacles that put students at risk.

"It was really a beacon of guidance that we provided to people in the trenches and being held accountable for things like student behavior, making sure they’re enrolled in the classes that they need, and achieving milestones during academic progression."

Watch the on-demand webinar , and read the full customer story here.

Starter Kit

The DataRobot Starter Kit for Tableau

In these tutorials, DataRobot walks you through how to get started with the Insights Extension for Tableau, including how to build explainable, AI-driven dashboards.